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Welcome to My Birds! Inspiring storybooks for children about birds.   

The My Birds! series of children's storybooks is about...yes, you've guessed it!...birds. There are now 5 books in the series.

You can order the childrens' bird storybooks here with free postage and packing. They are also available from Amazon, WILD Sounds, CJ Wildbirdfoods and all discerning bird reserves.


Children love these books!

'Many of us will remember our first book about birds and how important it was...I showed the book to four children and two primary school teachers - they all loved it!'

Review by Richard Porter in top ornithology journal British Birds


The series My Birds! introduces children to birds through imaginative stories and beautiful illustrations.

The books work! If you are an adult reading this, you are probably used to buying children's books with whimsical illustrations or cartoons with big, bold colours.

These books are a bit different. After reading the story to your child/grandchild/nephew/niece, they will be outside looking for Mr and Mrs Blackbird and the rest of the cast. They will also want you to read the story to them again!

If you want to introduce young children to the natural world around them then this book is for you.

The book makes a great present for kids. We thought the books would work with 3-8 year olds, but children as young as 1 year old like these books too.

The Series

The first childrens' bird book 'Where's our Breakfast, Mr Blackbird?' co-stars Mr and Mrs Sparrow and Mr and Mrs Blackbird...with a walk on part for a red admiral butterfly.

The second book 'A treat for Mr Chaffinch' co-stars Mr and Mrs Chaffinch, Mr and Mrs Blue Tit  and the speckled wood butterfly with caterpillar and chrysalis.

The third book 'Mr Goldfinch gets a shock' features Mr and Mrs Goldfinch and Mr and Mrs Dunnock, together with the comma butterfly. This time the book also showcases a few bugs: the violet ground beetle, the seven spot ladybird and the brown-lipped banded snail. (This was Richard's idea. Hazel didn't know there was such a thing as the brown-lipped banded snail!).

The fourth bird book 'Mrs Starling makes a change' features Mr and Mrs Starling and Mr and Mrs Long-tailed Tit, with the small tortoise shell butterfly, the white tailed bumble bee, the lesser stag beetle and the garden spider. This book also introduces Young Starling and Young Long-tailed Tit. 

The fifth book 'Baby Moorhen makes a splash!' moves away from garden birds and follows the family as they visit the lake. It features tufted ducks and moorhens, plus, of course, all the bugs that Richard has chosen.

The Team

Hazel Douglas, the author, usually writes academic books for grown-ups, but when she couldn't find any childrens' bird storybooks, decided to write some herself. She tells these stories from the point of view of the birds, but each book also includes the family who feeds the birds. As we get to know different birds, we also get to know the family.

Richard Johnson, the illustrator, began his quest as a birder and an artist at the age of ten. He has illustrated the field guides to birds of Bolivia and Argentina. His lovely and detailed illustrations bring the story alive, as well as showing exactly what the male and female of each species looks like. The last page sometimes shows the difference between the summer and winter plumage of one of the birds.

The designer, for the first two books, Bill Mayblin, is looking forward to his grandchild being a little older, so that he can read the bird storybooks to him (and show him the design, of course!). Sally Geeve has taken over the baton from Bill upon his retirement and has designed the third, fourth and fifth books.

The publisher, Jill Rogers, of Jill Rogers Associates has found herself taking a sudden interest in the birds in her garden.  

This series of stories about birds will enthuse your child to notice and cherish the birds around us.

If you have bought a book, we would love to know what your child's reaction was to it. If you have time, do email us on info@mybirds.org.uk or via the 'Contact us' page.

Some bird reserves concentrate on books of stickers and field guides, because they think they sell well, never mind whether they have any impact on children. But stories inspire children. And you can find them here!

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